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    Tune in to Learning



    Creative & Personal Writing

    1. Video: A Steelworker's Story

      A newly-minted writer tells vivid stories of being a female steelworker.

    2. Video: Def Poetry Jam

      Broadway performers from Russell Simmon's "Def Poetry Jam" show how writing poetry can be hot and cool.

    3. Video: Family English

      An El Paso woman learns English and uses reading and writing to express her love for her family.

    4. Video: Frank McCourt

      Adult learners discuss this best-selling memoir and meet its author, Frank McCourt.

    5. Video: Getting Started

      Poet Jimmy Baca helps a group of writers come up with ideas.

    6. Video: Greeting Cards

      Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a you鸿运福彩app下载安装ng man draft and revise a card to his girlfriend.

    7. Video: Hazel Dickens

      Bluegrass singer/songwriter Hazel Dickens talks about her writing process and shows examples of her work.

    8. Video: Images and Details

      Poet Jimmy Baca helps a group of writers fine-tune their work.

    9. Video: Journals

      Poet Jimmy Baca and a group of adults discuss why and how they keep a journal and share some of their journal entries.

    10. Video: Letters and Memories

      Poet Jimmy Baca teaches a group how to use memories to make their writing more powerful.

    11. Video: Mystery Writer

      Best-selling novelist, Elizabeth Daniels Squire, who was dyslexic, explains her writing strategies.

    12. Video: Poet Jimmy Baca

      A well-known poet tells how he discovered the power of language while he was in prison.

    13. Video: Read Aloud

      Professional actors in New York City read adult learners' writings on stage.

    14. Video: Setting the Tone

      A you鸿运福彩app下载安装ng man who is about to be married writes a letter to his long-lost father asking for the family pocket watch.

    15. Video: Steelworkers Write

      Poet Jimmy Baca conducts a dynamic writing workshop with Indiana steelworkers.

    16. Video: The Freedom Writers

      Four Long Beach, California, students use pen and paper to fight prejudice and intolerence.

    17. Video: Toshi Reagon

      Singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon writes a song on the spot especially for TV411 and shares her writing process.

    18. Video: Writers' Room

      TV411 goes behind the scenes of the Bernie Mac Show for a peek at a professional brainstorming session.


    1. Video: Apostrophes

      A barber explains the difference between possessive singular (barber's) and possessive plural (barbers').

    2. Video: Figures of Speech

      Poet Stephen Colman explains metaphors and similes.

    3. Video: Sentence Fragments

      Question Man (Joey Kola) tackles clauses in a grammatically correct dream.

    4. Video: Transitions

      Poet Stephen Colman explains how to use transitions to make writing smooth and tight.

    Writing for Work & the GED

    1. Video: Cover Letter

      Job seekers learn about cover letters and practice writing their own.

    2. Video: Create a Data Sheet

      Job seekers prepare for filling out applications by taking an inventory of their skills, interests, and hobbies.

    3. Video: Model Resume

      Job seekers work up great resumes.

    4. Video: Outline a GED Essay

      Laverne (Liz Torres) helps a coworker create an outline for an essay on disciplining children.