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    Tune in to Learning



    Understanding What You Read

    1. Video: Summarizing

      A cop on the beat demonstrates the art of summarizing.

    2. Video: A Poet's Life

      Poet Jimmy Baca shares his learning journey and the strength he has gained along the way.

    3. Video: Campaign Promises

      A voter explains how to read a campaign poster with a critcal eye.

    4. Video: Glossary

      Laverne (Liz Torres) and two coworkers use the glossary to figure out unknown words and concepts in their new company health plan.

    5. Video: Language of Leases

      A couple reads the fine print on a lease and makes a list of questions before signing.

    6. Video: Mapping the Road

      A mechanic helps Question Man (Joey Kola) read a road map.

    7. Video: Mapping the World

      Three well-traveled Harlem Globetrotters demonstrate how to read a globe.

    8. Video: Medicine Labels

      Laverne (Liz Torres) dispenses sound advice about reading over-the-counter medicine labels and prescription instructions.

    9. Video: Newspaper Headlines

      A newspaper vendor explains ambiguous headlines.

    10. Video: Newspaper Reading

      While at a diner, Question Man (Joey Kola) and another customer use various strategies to decipher a difficult newspaper article.

    11. Video: Newspaper Stories

      Dennis Franz gives a tip on reading a newspaper article.

    12. Video: Reading Art

      Parents and children interpret art and symbolism at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    13. Video: Restating

      With the help of a no-nonsense judge, Question Man (Joey Kola) learns how to decipher legalese.

    14. Video: Summarizing a Poem

      Poet Jimmy Baca and a group of adults read David Budbill's poem Jeanie.

    Studying & Test Prep

    1. Video: Education and Freedom

      A man talks movingly about how he put prison and low literacy far behind him.

    2. Video: Highlighting

      A woman explains how using a highlighter when you鸿运福彩app下载安装 read helps you鸿运福彩app下载安装 with comprehension.

    3. Video: Laundry and the GED

      An Arkansas-based woman teaches GED comprehension strategies in a laundromat.

    4. Video: Preparing for the GED

      A Baltimore-based steelworker continues his quest to pass the GED.

    5. Video: Raising Kids and Scores

      An adult learner from Pittsburgh improves her reading skills and attains her goal of getting a new job.

    6. Video: Read for Work

      A mechanic improves his ability to read instructions and manuals and to read to his children.

    7. Video: Reader and Teacher

      A New York man, despite having a reading disability, teaches others how to pass motor vehicle exams.

    8. Video: Study for a Career

      An out-of-work Appalachian coal miner succeeds in changing careers.

    9. Video: Test Taking

      Question Man (Joey Kola) receives tips and strategies for studying and test taking from a bus driver.

    Libraries & Books

    1. Video: Atlas

      Agent Know How uses the library's atlas to find the distance from New York, NY to El Paso, TX.

    2. Video: Card Catalogue

      Agent Know How uses the library computer to look up a book.

    3. Video: Dorothea Lange, Photographer

      Workers learn about the history of the Depression through Dorothea Lange's celebrated photographs.

    4. Video: Doug E. Fresh

      Hip-hop star and author Doug E. Fresh reads, raps, and rhymes with parents and children.

    5. Video: Games and Reading

      An adult learner talks about using games to learn to read and about reading to his child.

    6. Video: John Zickefoose

      An adult learner talks about a strategy for learning to read difficult words.

    7. Video: Library Card

      Agent Know How gets a library card and learns about libraries.

    8. Video: Picking a Book

      A librarian helps Question Man (Joey Kola) pick out a book that will help him better understand his teenage son.

    9. Video: Plainsong

      What happens when an entire Midwestern town reads the same novel?

    10. Video: Searching for Family Roots

      An African-American woman researches her family's roots over the Internet and in the field.

    11. Video: Studs Terkel

      A group of adult learners discusses the non-fiction book by Studs Terkel.

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